is going to be rebranded into
'koboom Logistics'

Anything to consider when using the new koboom logistics system?

The current new version is freshly out of development and is not 100% pretty yet on mobile. We are going to fix that in the next weeks. But all functions are fully usable on mobile. 

The best way to currently use Koboom logistics, is on a computer/desktop.

Why changing names?

We are working hard towards creating sustainable and environmental friendly projects. 

Also we are launching the worldwide first fully eco-friendly K-Pop online-shop. 

What about my packages?

All your previous packages and orders will be visible in the new System (Also called K-Cargo 2.0). If you are having troubles understanding the new system, our CS team is always happy to support you! 

What will happen with the social media & the website?

During the next weeks, after most of our users got notified, we are going to redirect all old K-Cargo pages to the new one. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Our TikTok will be renamed as Koboom and our Instagram will be renamed into ‘koboom logistics’.

Koboom logistics is finally launched!

All the wait & delays for packages are finally over! The new system, warehouse & address change are all completed now!

You can now move entirely to the new website. Thank you so much for all the patients ❤️