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Pricing for Business


To anywhere for any packages

Handling Fee

0 /kg

2300₩(KRW) per kg

What's included in our handling fee?

  • Free Address in Korea
  • Free Storage for 30 days per package
  • Combine all your Packages for Free (Consolidation)
  • Fast and safe packaging
  • Live-Chat Customer service

How to calculate total amount:
Handling fee + Shipping Cost (based on Courier) = Total

Ex: 2 kg of package to Germany
€3,40 (Handling fee) + €19,42 (Shipping cost)=€22,82 (Total amount)



We find your product

0 %
of all item values

Minimum: $5


We pay for your items

0 %
of Product Value per Order

Minimum fee: $5


All-In-One Service

0 %
of Product Value/Order

Minimum fee: $5

Add-On Services

Now save your shipping cost ultimately with K-CARGO

Unboxing Anything

Magic Unboxing

Of Item Value

What is Magic Unboxing?

Let us unbox your item and send only the part you need.


  • Only photocards from CD albums
  • Only item without any giveaways
  • Only a specific version of item from an event


Combining Packages is always for Free


Normal: $5/Package

With vacuum packaging: $7/Package

Multi Repack


$6 for the first package

Super Protection Wrapping

(Available when using the Repack Service) 

Additional cost of $1/Item 

Per kg starting from $5

Shipping Insurance

$12/Final package

For Damage&Return

More Services

Handle your packages as if you were in Korea!

Content Verification


Check & Photography included

Invoice/Tag Removal



& Return


Shipping cost to return back to mall is unfortunately not included

(With K-Assistant: $9)

A Package

$5/ Package

Up to 5 packages available for non-business user

For Business

Bulk discounts and Drop-shipping

Order your products from Korean drop-ship vendors and suppliers, and we will ship worldwide to your customers with customized packaging and labelling.

Anyone who orders over 50 items/ month can use the dedicated business service of K-Cargo

E.g. Online Stores, Group Order Teams, Wholesaler, Physical Stores, Small Stores on Social Media, etc.

With the button below you can directly sign up or learn more about the K-Cargo B2B (Business to Business) services

Koboom logistics is finally launched!

All the wait & delays for packages are finally over! The new system, warehouse & address change are all completed now!

You can now move entirely to the new website. Thank you so much for all the patients ❤️